Friday, September 21, 2012

DIY cheap curtains that look expensive...

Okay so our house we bought has like a bazillion windows!.... okay that is a bit of an exaggeration... we only have 63 windows.  Yes just 63.  Each and every window had some really nice blue lace curtains when we moved in like the ones below.

 Awesome I know and they really help with the whole privacy thing.  Of course why doesn't everyone have awesome blue lace curtains.  Oh yes that is right because they don't work.  Oh and minor detail they are ugly.

So we went to Walmart in search of some panel curtains, curtain rods, and tie backs.  After pricing it out just for our living room windows we were going to be at about 200 thanks to our giant windows.  That does not include the tie backs or rods... which are even more expensive then just the fabric.  We looked at buying straight up fabric and having me sew them but that was going to be about 300.  There was no way we were going to pay that.  Then my genius husband had the best idea ever!

We went to the sheets and found a color that we liked.  We had measured out our window length and height prior to going to the store.  We bought 4 twin size sheets ($5 each) and one Full ($10).   We got the rods we needed and we picked out some tie backs that looked really classy.  We walked out paying $80.

I then came home and washed and dried the sheets.  I then laid them out on the table and cut one line down the middle of the sheet leaving the top hem on the sheet. (DO NOT CUT THROUGH THE TOP HEM...IF YOU DO YOU WILL HAVE TO DO MORE WORK).  I then sewed a small quarter inch hem on both sides of the cut I just made.  On the sides of the top hem I just made 2 small slits, slid the rod through, attached the tie backs and we were done.

This is how they look...

The key is to measure your windows first and then just look at the back of the package of sheets.  It will have the dimensions and you can figure out how much you need.  You are going to want the length of the window + 1/2 of the length.  This way it will bunch at the top and look better.  The big window is just two twin sheets sewn together at the top hem.  There you have it cheap curtains that took about 3 hours to buy, sew, and hang.

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  1. these really are nice looking, and such a great idea!!